Chocolate Energy Bar


Chocolate Energy Bar.

Tastes like a brownie!

Zero waste, gluten free, vegan.

Wrapped in ABA certified home compostable packaging.

Good for you, and good for the planet!

Pssst… I’m much cheaper in a pack!

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Chocolate Energy Bar

Chocolate ranks number one on the list of common cravings, and for good reason!
It’s yummy, it’s moreish, and it rewards our brains by firing off all our happy chemicals.
Luckily, there’s absolutely no reason why chocolate has to be a “guilty pleasure”!

Grab some of these to satisfy your cravings and share with your resident choc-o-holic.

PRO TIP: Warm up your Chocolate bar for a few seconds to turn it into a warm fudgy brownie. Thank me later!

Ingredients: cashews, dates, sunflower seeds, flaxseed, pepitas, raw organic cacao powder, vanilla

Made in Ballarat.

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