Compost Accelerator 500ml Refill


This spray is a dynamic fermented fruit extract.
It is made in Australia and contains effective microbes that work to ferment and break down the kitchen scraps placed in the Urban Composter™ Bucket.
It is an 100% organic microbe solution.

500ml refill bottle
25.5cm tall and 6cm in diameter

Postage within Australia included!



Compost Accelerator 500ml Refill 

This dynamic fermented fruit extract is made in Australia and contains Effective Microbes (EMs) that will ferment and start to break down the kitchen scraps placed in the Urban Composter.

The microbes help to break down fats, acids and more; meaning that you can dispose of meat, dairy, cooked food, small amounts of fat or oil, citrus, onion, coffee grounds, tea leaves, egg shells and all sorts of food and organic scraps that you may usually seperate out from your compost bin!

The compost accelerator also kick starts and speeds up the breaking down process, giving you usable compost faster and keeping your compost cranking over the cooler months!

The solution is stored in an amber coloured bottle to protect it from UV.
Please store in a cool dry place.

100% organic microbe solution

Easy and clean to use.
Compost Accelerator 500ml refill bottle